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Vulcania is the second timepiece designed by Fabrice Gonet, an unbelievable watch directly inspired by the world of Jules Verne and deriving its name from the mysterious island of «Vulcania».

This exceptional watch is reminiscent of the novelist’s imaginary machines, but with just a touch of today’s world.

Its revolutionary movement, an exceptional gyrotourbillon unique to HD3, was developed in partnership with BNB.

All its details owe their inspiration to the naval world, to the great ships of times past and to the first submarines at beginning of the century. What also makes it so special is the vitality of the visible parts of the movement.

The way Vulcania tells the time is definitely unusual: the hours are shown on a wheel through a lateral porthole (9h) and the minutes on a disc like a ship’s Chadburn telegraph (360°).

Its 80-hour power reserve indicator is reminiscent of a sextant and there is also a porthole through which the winding mechanism of the movement can be seen.

Looking behind the Vulcania, there is a porthole on the main plate similar to those of the Nautilus submarine, while the map of the mysterious island and its coordinates are engraved on the sapphire glass back.

Some 2000 hours of work were required for the technical development and design of the Vulcania alone.

The folding clasp was specially developed by HD3 Complication, and excels for its ergonomics and comfort on the wrist. Straps are available in black vintage leather, matt black crocodile skin and black rubber.

The Vulcania is a Limited edition consisting of 11 timepieces in titanium and platinum.


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