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Michel Jordi’s Twins stacks two separately cased mechanical movements atop each other and connects them with a pivoting Twist-Lock hinge positioned on the case side at 8. The top watch swings away to reveal the lower watch. It is a challenging design to perfect, one that progressed through much iteration. The watch opens like a fan; both of the dials can be seen at the same time. 329 Components including 40 rubies, main-plates, bridges and minuscule screws are needed to assemble the two exclusive movements of a Twins watch.
Two new versions of Twins were introduced in Geneva in April of 2005, and very well received. One has a skeleton movement in the lower case, all handmade in the (Jura Valley), and the other version is a jewelry execution in which the diamonds are all on the lower case the Hidden Treasure. The Twins Hidden Treasure with diamond-set pusher and crown shows the upper dial understated, when it pivots, the lower dial set with nineteen baguette-cut and 220 round VVS-quality diamonds is revealed. In total, the cut diamonds weight approximately 2 carats.

In 250 years of watchmaking, no one has thought to do a watch like this. Jordi created a heritage series of two precious masterpieces in 18K Rose Gold and 18K White Gold. There is only a very limited series numbered and limited to 99 Pieces all over the world.

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Yin and Yang in watch-making


Perfection, within the meaning of harmony, arises out of duality. In Asian philosophy, this duality is very present especially with the role played by Yin and Yang. Symbolized by two intertwined fishes, they may be taken separately. Yin, feminine principle, recalls receptiveness, surrender to movement. It stands for the shaded side of the mountain or the valley, whereas Yang, masculine principle, stands for the sunlit side. It embodies exteriorization, expansion, completeness. In ancient Chinese civilization, Yang’s were farmers engaged in their activities in the summer, and Yin’s were weavers who would weave clothes in their houses during the winter.

The Art of watch-making, contrary to what one may think at first, is surprisingly close to this principle. Indeed, the cold and the snow during severe winter times in the “Vallée de Joux” compelled farmers to stay at home, and thus contributed to the development of watch-making. They spent long winter months in conceiving timepieces and turned back to their farming activities in the summer.

Michel Jordi, with his piece called “HIDDEN TREASURE”, was able to combine Yin and Yang in an optimal way. Two tiered watches, in white gold, opening like a fan owing to a revolutionary and imaginative « twist-lock » system, have made it possible to blend feminist and masculinity in a timekeeper full of treasures.


1 diamond on the crown
1 diamond on the pusher

Upper watch:
Movement: Calibre MJ 1948.01 traditional hand wound “Manufacture” movement with 42h power-reserve. De Luxe execution with Geneva stripe finish and blued steel screws.
Case: 18K white gold, water-resistant to 30m. 2 non-reflecting scratchproof sapphire crystals.
Dial: Exclusive 3-layer clear white dial with moon-phase and date
Functions: Hour and minutes, small second, power-reserve, date and moon phase.


Lower watch:
Movement: Calibre MJ 1948.02. 10½” Chronograph with single pusher, column-wheel drive, traditional hand winding. “Manufacture” movement. De Luxe execution with Geneva stripe finish and blued steel screws.
Case: 18K white gold, water-resistant to 30m. 2 non-reflecting, scratchproof sapphire crystals.
Outer dial 220 full cut diamonds
19 baguettes diamonds
Total carat: 2 finished, 3 before cutting
Diamonds quality: VVS
Color: DEF
Inner dial: Off-center chronograph dial in mother of pearl.
Functions: Single pusher chronograph with 5/10th of a second indication, big center second, 30 minute counter and small second. The second dial allows a second time-zone indication.
Diameter: 45mm
Straps: 1 galucha strap and a replacement strap in genuine croc, both hand stitched. Safety butterfly clasp in 18K gold.

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